WES offers decarbonization solutions for public and private clients. We provide a flexible approach to provide solutions at any or all stages of the decarbonization process. Our expertise allows for development of a comprehensive approach to mesh decarbonization across thermal energy, electricity, renewable energy, transportation, & more.

We provide high value services for any or all phases of planning and project execution. We work with and across Scope 1, 2, and 3 GHG emissions. Our unique experience provides value for clients seeking to decarbonize both hard to address energy consumption processes as well as implement readily available solutions.



Decarbonization is the process by which a facility or entity evaluates their carbon footprint and thoughtfully takes steps to reduce, offset, or eliminate this footprint. Understanding a carbon footprint requires

consideration of the scopes of emissions which will be included, and what reporting schemes will be followed.

Depending on the sources of emissions, a variety of actions can be taken to mitigate the emissions.

WES can assist with identifying a facility’s carbon footprint as well as developing a roadmap toward decarbonization and ultimately implementing decarbonization strategies.

Our team provides a unique mix of experience and expertise in the following decarbonization services; engineering & economic study, financing consulting, grant writing, design, project & construction management, commissioning, and measurement & verification.

The Process

The following are typical steps in an iterative process to address decarbonization. WES partners with clients at any and all stages of the decarbonization process, to help you meet your goals.

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  • Strategic Planning

    Define project goals and agree on a realistic approach amongst organizational stakeholders

  • Organizational Benchmarking

    Gather, analyze, and leverage data organization-wide to focus efforts.

  • Analysis & Development

    Facility auditing, fleet studies, supply chain analysis, and / or life cycle analyses to identify options, costs, & benefits to meet the goals.

  • Solution Implementation

    Designing, financing, contracting, and commissioning of cost-effective solutions.


WES consultants supporting this iterative effort are all engineers with extensive experience in thermal energy (i.e., heating & cooling) system modeling for a vast array of industrial processes, institutional facility settings, and commercial building types.

On a global strategic basis, WES supports organizations in setting up and executing an iterative process to plan, evaluate, and implement decarbonization of thermal energy. On an individual facility scale, WES’s approach starts with detailed evaluation of the thermal demands for key portions of a plant or facility.  This requires focusing on both the quality (temperature) and quantity of heat needed.

Once a facility’s thermal demands (quality and quantity) are understood and modeled, WES works with owners to identify solutions for reducing energy use, capturing waste heat, and renewable energy sources to meet thermal needs. Absolutely paramount in the process is ensuring that the function of the facility is either improved through the capital investments made, or at the very least not impacted. Of course, our efforts to reduce energy use and decarbonization of thermal energy supply are targeted to ensure it does not negatively impact plant production, facility operations, or occupant comfort.


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