Kerrtown Trail Paving – Bids due at 10AM on August 24th, 2023

Bid Results (two bids were received)

Bidder NameBase Bid: Preparation of existing trail bed, installation of approximately 5,375′ of 8′ wide 4″ thick asphalt paving, grading for aggregate shoulders, and maintenance of erosion control and wetland crossing measuresUnit Pricing: Furnish 2A material for trail base or shoulders
Horizon Construction Group, Inc.$337,900.00$120 / cubic yard
Joseph McCormick Construction Co., Inc.$1,531,007.81$130 / cubic yard

Requests for Information

RFI #Date PostedQuestionResponse
18/16/2023Could you please confirm the asphalt design?  There is one drawing that shows 4″ of 12.5mm asphalt, and another drawing that shows 4″ of binder plus 1.5″ of wearing.  Can you confirm which one you are bidding?The WES drawing marked C1 which shows the single 4″ depth of 12.5 mm asphalt is the correct design. This is noted in section 4.0 of the “Attachment A – Scope of Work.” The design showing the separate binder and wearing courses is not being bid, these drawings were only included because they are part of the E&S plan and stormwater management plan.
28/17/2023The Typical Trail Section Design on drawing C1 shows a vertical edge of the 4″ asphalt. Is this vertical edge required to be provided or is another type of edge acceptable?The edge shown is a simplified depiction of the trail cross section and is intended to emphasize that the finished surface width of the asphalt trail must be 8′. It is expected that conventional placement of hot mix asphalt will result in a flared-out edge along both sides, and this is appropriate to ensure good support of the 8′ wide finished surface. The flared-out edge need not be smoothed since it will be covered with the shoulder aggregate up to the surface of the trail.

Vicinity map of the project: