Representative Projects

WES staff offers a broad range of experience across multiple engineering disciplines, industries, and client types.  This allows our team to maintain a big picture view of our client’s projects and programs and how they align with the client’s goals.  WES plans, designs, permits, contracts, and manages projects for our clients, overseeing all aspects of a project, or a smaller portion, as appropriate to best match the client’s needs and goals.  WES has works across a wide array of service areas.  The following project descriptions and links provide a few examples of representative experience.


WES has provided decarbonization consulting for hundreds of facilities, including a broad range of solutions.

Ben Avon Borough, PA Decarbonization Consulting – WES evaluated decarbonization options for energy requirements within Ben Avon Borough’s municipal building stock. Evaluated strategies included purchase of renewable natural gas (RNG), green electricity, on-site solar electricity generation, beneficial thermal load electrification, and energy efficiency.

Berlin NH Downtown District Energy and Snow Melting System – Waste heat recovery system from downtown renewable energy power plant, and district energy/snow melting system for 380,000 ft2 of downtown Berlin.  WES Role: Detailed feasibility study design and project development support for BUILD Grant funding application.

Confidential Industrial Facility – Cooling for Heating – Beneficial Electrification – WES provided conceptualization, economic analysis, and engineering design of a heat pump system to replace conventional air conditioning systems providing cooling for electrical equipment.  The heat pump system moves heat from the electrical equipment into makeup water for the boiler system onsite, simultaneously reducing electric usage for cooling and reducing natural gas use for steam generation.

Cumberland County, PA Fleet Electrification & Alternative Fuels Analysis – WES provided feasibility analysis for electrification of Cumberland County, PA’s fleet vehicles and associated charging infrastructure at county facilities. Analysis considered approximately 120 vehicles for conversion and 4 facilities for installation of vehicle charging infrastructure. Alternative fuels for heavier vehicles including compressed natural gas (CNG) and biodiesel were also identified.

Peterborough Historic Library Decarbonization of Heating and Cooling – New central heating and cooling plant for library complex.  Central plant includes fossil and bioenergy heat sources, and integration of absorption chiller driven by bioenergy heat source with electric chiller system to maximize thermal REC production and GHG offsets.  WES Role: Design engineer for central plant heating/cooling systems and controls, study of thermal chiller options and sizes (adsorption and absorption type and vendor options and sizes in 10-40 ton range), and specification and design of absorption chiller integration, control, and metering systems.

Confidential Heat Pump Demonstration Project –Engineering design for demonstration of CO2 heat pump to provide domestic water heating at large residential complex.

Fairview Swiss Cheese: Anaerobic Digester Biogas Plant Project consists of an anaerobic digester producing biogas from food waste and an engine generator set. Waste heat is captured from the genset to offset the use of fuel oil for plant process heating needs. WES Role: Provided the feasibility study, conceptual plant design of generation/heat recovery equipment and grid interconnection, cost estimate, financial analysis for project justification, and negotiation of the interconnect agreement with the utility. WES has been providing ongoing consulting for system modifications, operations, permitting, increased waste heat capture, and interconnection of facility to natural gas utility / RNG production upfit.

City of Philadelphia Clean Fleet Plan: Carbon Reduction of City’s Owned Vehicle Fleet Clean Fleet Plan was developed as part of the goal to reduce the City’s carbon emissions by 80% by 2050. WES Role: Analysis of carbon emissions from the City’s 5,500 vehicle fleet, an overview of alternative fuel technologies, summary of options for alternative fuel vehicles in each category of vehicles used, rating of alternative fuel vehicles by impact on carbon emissions and criteria pollutants, and relative capital and operating cost to current vehicle fleet.

WES has extensive and unique bioenergy experience – see our page on beneficial use of sustainable residues

Energy Efficiency

WES has provided energy auditing and consulting for hundreds of facilities and clients. Representative examples include:

Nan Ya Plastics Energy Audit – Energy audit and assessment for large industrial facility, with a focus on thermal oil and steam systems.

PA DGS – State-wide: Central Plant Boiler Tunings/Flue Gas Analysis, Energy Assessments, Process & Instrumentation Controls Tuning and Replacement Description: Large central energy plant energy efficiency work to meet state energy, compliance, and permitting needs (ongoing since 2014).  WES Role: Engineering consulting and onsite operational support to meet facility needs, including: flue gas analysis, boiler tuning, energy assessments and CHP studies, tuning/replacement of process and instrumentation control systems.

Mellott Wood Preserving Boiler Tuning / Boiler MACT Compliance – Energy audit and annual boiler tuning of wood boilers at wood preserving facility.

City of Reading Municipal Buildings – WES provided a targeted energy assessment of three facilities for the City of Reading. The facilities included a fire station, community building, and public works garage/office admin complex. Recommended measures spanned HVAC, lighting, building envelope, and building controls systems.

Easton City Hall End Use Energy Assessment – WES performed an end use energy assessment of the City of Easton City Hall to identify opportunities for improving energy performance of the facility. Recommended measures included retrocommissioning of building controls, lighting control scheme implementation, and utilization of existing energy submeters to track building performance.

Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing Design, Commissioning, M&V

Golftec Ballantyne & Durham Commercial Upfit Design – WES provided M/E/P design services in support of Golftec’s retail tenant upfit in new locations in Charlotte, NC and Durham, NC. WES provided evaluation of existing conditions, M/E/P design to meet local code requirements, and permitting support for the client.

Penn State Hershey Medical Center CHP System Installation of a backpressure steam turbine in parallel with pressure reducing station for hospital building on an existing campus steam distribution system. WES Role: mechanical system design, including: steam and condensate piping, steam and turbine specialties, equipment layout, and piping/mech system stress and code analysis.

Ernst Seed Cleaning Facility –New construction 13,000 sf clean room facility and adjacent refrigerated warehouse. WES Role: Civil/site design, hydrologic modeling, MEP design, occupancy permitting with L&I, special inspections, RFP for mechanical contractor, and commissioning.

Talon Building 12,000 sf office and warehouse facility renovation and HVAC system upgrade.  WES Role: MEP design, RFP for mechanical contractor, and commissioning.

Elk County Recycling CenterHVAC system retrofit for 25,000 sf warehouse and recycling center, and controls integration with existing furnace system.  WES Role: MEP design, RFP for mechanical contractor, and commissioning.

Crawford Central School District Energy System –New central combined heat and power plant / hot water district heating system connecting to recreational complex (boilers / coils / dehumidification equipment), vocational school (central boiler plant), middle & high school (central boiler rooms).  WES Role: feasibility study, initial basis of design / system sizing, permitting, value engineering, construction oversight, verification / troubleshooting for operations at central plant and for HVAC / DHW equipment in connected buildings.

Polk Center Steam Process Controls Calibration – Assessment and calibration of steam process controls.

Civil Engineering Design and Permitting

Bortnick Farms Manure Handling and Storage System – Manure management system for dairy; WES Role:  site/civil design, construction documents, and construction administration.

Community Drinking Water System – New well and water treatment system, integration with public water system; WES Role: design, permitting, construction documents, construction administration, and construction oversight.

322 Storage Facility – New storage facility construction; WES Role: stormwater modeling, design, and stormwater management plan.

Byler’s Relish Manufacturing Plant – New construction of manufacturing plant.; WES Role: stormwater modeling, design, and stormwater management plan; NPDES permitting, industrial wastewater treatement system design.

Construction Oversight

West End Elementary School Remodeling Project – $8.0 million school addition and renovation covering all trades; WES Role:  review of construction documents, value engineering, review of bids, Clerk of the Works services.

Fort LeBoeuf High School Renovation – $7.9 million high school renovation covering all trades; WES Role:  Clerk of the Works and project management services.

Crawford County Fair Grounds Horse Barns – Two, 2,400 sf pole barns for fair grounds; WES Role: drawings, bid documents, reviewing bids, reviewing product submittals, construction oversight, development of punch list for project completion.