Energy Efficiency / Metering

WES has provided energy audits for hundreds of commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities. WES has a host of in-house portable and non-destructive metering equipment, and WES has extensive experience in design of metering and data acquisition system systems for all types of energy, resource, and emissions systems to help clients track and reduce energy use.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t optimize it. – MOSAIC Data Tracking

WES’s experience includes many industrial facilities and processes as well as commercial buildings and large institutional facilities. Some representative ECMs, options, industries, etc. are listed here.

  • Steam system improvements
  • Waste heat capture for heat, cooling, power
  • Combined Heat & Power (CHP)
  • Reducing temperature requirements to allow for heat capture, renewable energy, efficiency
  • Process optimization
  • Industry waste utilization
  • Condensing economizers
  • Anaerobic digesters
  • Clean fleet/transportation efficiency improvements / EVs
  • ERVs
  • Control systems and automation
  • VFDs
  • Power factor correction