Clean Transportation / Fleet Consulting

WES provides data-driven fleet management consulting which enables fleet owners to develop a realistic roadmap towards a cleaner, greener, safer, and more productive fleet.

WES engineers will analyze your fleet data and tell you which types of vehicles are good candidates for replacement, the recommended alternative fuel technologies for your application, and whether there are approaches that will directly reduce vehicle miles traveled. Furthermore our analysis will take into account your existing fueling infrastructure and site constraints, and we will recommend appropriate additional charging or fueling infrastructure if needed.

Our team’s experience with carbon accounting enables us to provide realistic projections for the carbon emissions of your current operations and all of your options. Transitioning to a green fleet doesn’t mean compromising on vehicle performance. Choosing the right vehicles can actually enhance driver comfort, productivity, and safety.

WES’s expertise is highly technical, and we have a focus on the economics.  The economics need to pencil out, or a project won’t get off the drawing board. WES provides careful and thorough economic analysis for every option presented, to ensure that your capital dollars work for you to provide the best program or project possible.